The New Baroque Soloists

Friday, Jun 05 2015;    Sunday, Jul 26 2015;    Saturday, Aug 01 2015;
11:30 AM To 12:30 PM

All Souls Church, Co Rd 25 Tannersville, NY, 12485

A Chamber quintet accompanied by soprano vocalist Catharine Rogers join 23Arts on behalf of Baroque Brass for an afternoon of Bach, Quantz, and more.

The New Baroque Soloists will be led by Ben Woodward, Artistic Director of the Fulham Opera.

The New Baroque Soloists offer audiences an exciting new presentation of baroque chamber music, rich in the voices of woodwinds, brass and stringed instruments. The group offers a varied repertoire, including popular works by well known composers as well as premieres from the group’s proprietary repertoire, compiled through twenty years of research and performance.