Woodstock, NY

Downtown. Woodstock, NY


Woodstock needs no introduction. People flock from all over the nation to experience the unique ambiance of this small place that has a big reputation. It is the essence of peace and love, hippies and free spirits, harmony and happiness. With a collection of wonderful eateries, specialty stores, and gift shops, Woodstock is a great spot for local exploration. Hey, you may even catch a glance of a celebrity; it's one of upstate New York's most celeb-infested locations. And if nothing else, you can at least grab a burrito fabuloso at Taco Juan's and head to The Green, the center of all goings-on and the center of town. The Green is place to go for some local entertainment, whether it be a political protest or a banjo-playing townie. You'll never find another place like Woodstock, the peace symbol incarnate.