Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

2 Rescue Road P.O. Box 1329. High Falls, NY 12495


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and shelter that works to end the systematic abuse of animals used for food. At the heart of its mission is the hands-on work of rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animal refugees — as well as educating the public about the treatment of animals who are raised for food and the many benefits of a plant-based diet. After ten years in Woodstock, NY, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary (WFS) is has relocated to a new 150-acre former camp and retreat center in High Falls, NY – just 20 minutes from New Paltz and 90 minutes from NYC. The move allows WFS to exponentially expand its rescue operations, as well as the scale and scope of the sanctuary’s public programming.

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary gives forever homes to oft-forgotten creatures and gives visitors an adventure to remember. As a reviewer said on Google, “Great place, great people, greatest animals.” In fact, the only criticism any reviewer had of the place was that it was “a bit of a trek from anything resembling civilization,” although even that visitor said it was well worth the trip. 

But as of September 5, all that has changed. The ten-year-old sanctuary reopened at its lovely new home in High Falls, the very heart of Ulster County, welcoming you and yours to meet the fam: Walter the goat, Patsy the pig, Daphne the bunny, and dozens of their pals. Each one has a life story, and the animal-loving volunteers of the sanctuary love nothing better than to help you make friends.

“We’re excited that with a property this much larger, we’ll have the ability to provide life-long care and shelter to more farm animals in need. We’ve been at capacity for some time at our former location,” says WFAS founder and executive director Jenny Brown.

Moving a place like the sanctuary has been an interesting logistical challenge, Brown says. “Especially for a few of our cows who’ve escaped slaughterhouses and were not so keen on getting onto a trailer! The travel has been stressful for some, but once they arrived everyone seemed to adjust pretty quickly. They seem to love exploring their new spacious pastures and barns—and munching on nice grass too.”

At 150 acres, the former summer camp is six times the size of the organization’s former home. That means more room for more animals—and more room for you to come and visit with them. There’s room for overnight lodging and a permaculture garden and a commercial kitchen that will be put to good use in preparing delicious vegan eats. Brown is excited by the possibilities: “Outreach events, retreats, camps, lectures, workshops, cooking classes, in-residency programs, and so much more!” she marvels.

For now, the new facility will be welcoming visitors on weekends through September and October. Come meet the critters and some of the most love-centered humans around. Omnivores are welcome; expect to be educated, but not judged. 

“This has always been a sanctuary for animals and people,” says Brown. “a place where people connect with animals as individuals, and that helps people connect with themselves, each other, and the larger natural world. Our work nurtures greater awareness of those connections, and over time, many, many people embrace compassionate living, a state of purpose that precludes eating animals. We envision a world where factory farming is history and the carnivore is the exception. Thanks to the magic the animals work on sanctuary visitors, we get closer to realizing that vision every day. And the new sanctuary is a place of such expansive beauty and peace and fun!”