Rosendale, NY Rosendale

Strange but true: Rosendale is most well known for the production of natural cement. In fact, its cement was used in the construction of many important landmarks in the U.S., including the Brooklyn Bridge, the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, Federal Hall, and one of the wings of the US Capitol building. Check out the mine at the Snyder Estate, which is part of a museum preserving the history of the Rosendale natural cement industry by the Century House Historical Society, and is open to the public. Or just walk around town to appreciate its natural beauty and local artifacts, Rosendale is full of historical houses, picturesque landscapes and magnificent foliage. Take the Railbridge walk on a warm summer day, or admire the spring flowers and lovely cherry tree at Memorial Park. And party with the locals in July at the Rosendale Street Festival for good food, good music, and good people