Hyde Park

Hyde Park, NY


The birthplace of 32nd president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, is as famous as the man, himself. Abounding with historic sites such as Roosevelt's home, the Vanderbilt Mansion, Eleanor Roosevelt's Val-Kill, the Hyde Park Train Station and a host of others can afford visitors many outdoor amenities, as well as historical education. Mills-Norrie State Park is famous with bicycle paths, cross-country skiing, winter sledding, fishing, forest land, nature trails, and open fields. However, to leave Hyde Park with a venerated taste in one's mouth is to visit the world's premier culinary college, The Culinary Institute of America, for an unsurpassed epicurean adventure. COMPRISED OF: Hamlets of Hyde Park, East Park, Staatsburg; the village of West Park across the river in Ulster County, the communities of Haviland and Norrie Heights.