Gardiner, NY

With a landscape of vertical rock cliffs, evergreen forests, the Shawangunk Mountains, Mara Kill streams and the majestic Wallkill River, Gardiner is a natural treasure. The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, a 15-mile rail trail that runs along the former Wallkill Valley Railroad, is a local site not to miss. Hiking, jogging, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing... enjoy all of this while taking in views of the beautiful Shawangunk Ridge. And just wait until you stumble upon the spot where the trail crosses the Wallkill River. Take a load off on a seat at the bridge, and take in the magnificence of nature. If you're really feeling adventurous, head to The Ranch for some adrenaline-pumping skydiving. Whatever your natural pleasure, you'll just love Gardiner.