Arm-of-the-Sea Theater

Saugerties, NY

Great for the kids! A large-scale, highly visual theater style incorporating masks, puppets, and live music celebrating and defending the beauty of our living planet. A featured free public performance on July 14, 7pm of Turtle Island Medicine Show will be performed in Ellenville at the open market space. It’s a contemporary fable and cautionary tale created by Arm-of-the-Sea directors Marlena Marallo and Patrick Wadden, featuring whimsical kinetic sculptures, richly painted paper maché masks and puppet figures that range from one-foot to a 16-foot-tall Tree of Life. An inventive musical score loops together gongs, hoop drum, jaw harp, and trombone scats in a medley of live sound. For more on the July14 event, call 845-647-5530. For the full performance schedule call 845-246-7873 or visit