Apple Pie by Prospect Hill Orchards

73 Clarks Lane, Milton, NY 12547

Tips for a Successful Pie: • Invest in a pastry cloth and rolling pin stocking. • Handle the flour mixture “lightly” throughout the process. • Be careful NOT to over stir the flour/shortening mixture as you add the ice water. • Chilling the dough for several hours will make it easier to roll. • Be careful not to add too much flour to the dough as you roll it out. (Hint: think pastry cloth and stockinette.) • When rolling the dough, roll from the center all around the “clock;” do not roll back and forth, that stretches the dough. • Never re-roll a crust; rather, patch the tears with cold water. • Don’t over fill the pie—this will stretch the top crust which will fall or rise up high while the fruit sinks to the bottom. • Bake your pie in a very hot, preheated oven, 425 or 450 degrees. You may choose to turn the temperature down to 350 or 375 degrees after 15 to 20 minutes. Your pie is done when the fruit is juicing and the crust is nicely browned. • Place your pie in the lower half of your hot oven, so the bottom crust can bake before the fruit starts to juice. This prevents a soggy bottom crust. • The dough is easier to handle if it is slightly wet rather than slightly dry.

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