Week Four Panorama: The Mysterious Benedict Society Visits Olana

Tuesday, Feb 24 2015;    Wednesday, Feb 25 2015;    Thursday, Feb 26 2015;    Friday, Feb 27 2015;    Saturday, Feb 28 2015;
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


In week #4 Panorama rifts off Trenton Lee Stewart’s children’s novel series The Mysterious Benedict Society. This book series celebrates youth who develop their special skills (rather than super powers) and encourages teamwork, traveling, as well as a whole host of perplexing puzzles and curious conundrums. Olana is a marvelous place for story book scenes to come to life since Frederic E. Church developed his special skills, traveled extensively, and built a home that hosted many talented visitors. Here are a few of the fun filled activities: each youth will each receive a Kate inspired red bucket, will work in terms to translate Morse Code, solve riddles, train falcons, meet Mr. Benedict (and maybe Mr. Curtain), and learn memory and climbing tips; teams of 4 will compete each day for the bag of diamonds. Youth are not required to read the book series, but some exposure to the story line will be helpful. Space is limited to 25. Ages 7-13