Watercolors by Mochael Mendel

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10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Currently on view at the Emerson is a select group of watercolors by award-winning artist Michael Mendel. He has had a love affair with the Catskills for over seventy years and brings their beauty and charm to life in some of the vibrant paintings currently on exhibition here. Whether capturing on paper a rusting tractor, a scenic train ride or a towering oak, a lovely memory has been magically created. Mendel signs his paintings ZEPEL, memorializing a Swiss boy-doll he so much cherished as a very young child, but has to leave behind in Berlin Germany, when he with his parents fled the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler in the fall of 1938. From the mid-1960s and for thirty years thereafter, Mendel designed album covers for some of America’s most successful recording artists featuring the likes of Tony Bennett, Willie Nelson, Donovan, Gladys Knight, The NY Philharmonic and hundreds more in all musical genres. All works currently on exhibition at the Emerson are for sale here. For more information, contact us at (845)688-2828 or www.emersonresort.com