Photographers of Hope: Newburgh Revival Group Exhibition

Saturday, Dec 12 2015;
6:30 PM To 8:30 PM

104 Ann Street

Join us for our next Exhibit Opening and Artist Reception:
Photographers of Hope: Newburgh Revival
Group Exhibition

This photo project will tell the stories of ordinary but extraordinary people and organizations that are determined to build a better future for their families and community. They might not know it, but they are already part of a movement to resurrect a great city, a city that is on its way to regaining its past grandeur. These photographs will bring to life stories of entrepreneurship, struggle, resilience and it will give voice to a community that really believes they can change the trajectory of history. Indeed Newburgh’s grandeur, and the heart to this photo project, is not the mansions or the broad streets; its greatness is the spirit of the people who are building and rebuilding their lives.

Their hope is that these photos, taken by 9 photographers from all corners of the world, will inspire people to play a positive role in their own community and for the government and businesses to applaud and support these efforts.