History of Science Series: Exploring Church’s Library and 19th Century “Evolution” Writings

Saturday, Jun 13 2015;
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


This lecture is part of an on-going series of programs that derive from Frederic E. Church’s bookshelf. Dr. Lloyd Ackert, Professor in History of Science at Drexel University and a resident of Valatie, NY presents the first of three lectures on the Church’s understanding of the debates on evolution, concepts that relate to the origin of species, and scientific agriculture. Upon review of Church’s book collection Dr. Ackert has discovered that Church was reading a wide range of books and essays central to these scientific issues. This talk and discussion will take us back to the time when Church and his peers were engaging with contemporary science. It also leads us to ponder how ideas continue to be in vogue, inform advancement, or controversial in science. Tea and cake will be served. Pre-registration is encouraged; tickets available at the door. $5/person, Free/members. Ages 10 and up.