Frank and Linda Stella at the Dutch Ale House

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11:30 AM to 11:00 PM

Frank's Bio: With a brownie and an instamatic I started  recording the fantastic sights I saw all  around me starting in high school. Went to  school at Germain School of Photography in  NYC in 1969 and commenced my career in  1976, sharing studio space with my wife  Linda. We ran Sunshine Studios in Ellenville  and Kingston till 2003. I’ve been retired since  2006 but enjoy forays anywhere from Italy to  Alaska to the Catskills to “shoot and share”  which I consider the reason for the medium.


Linda's Bio: Origionally from Troy NY, Graduate of SUNY Farmingdale in Graphic Arts. Continued education in New Paltz concentrating on metal-smithing. Linda's love of pastels and aryclics was renewed in '03 after a trip to Venice and Florence. Her day trips to the Northern Catskills was also a factor in her renewed intrest with the brush. The work you will see shows her love of traveling and the wonderful world around us. She continues to work in metal and many other crafts such as pottery classes at WSW in Rosendale NY, painting on silk and other fabrics, and quilting. Has belonged to several arts counsils like ASK, GCCA, CCCA, and Dutchess County Arts Counsil.


Picture shown is a photo by Frank Stella, Linda's beautiful works are on display as well.