Deep Air Art Series: Human Ecologies/Changing Landscapes

Saturday, Feb 07 2015;
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

$5 per person
First of several events designed to highlight artistic practices and conversations about ecology, local geography and landscape. In this series, visual artists are paired with poets reflecting on the themes explored directly by Frederick Church and his contemporaries.
This discussion is based on a book owned by Frederic Church, “A Fairy Land of Science”, by Arabella B. Buckley 1882, in which we are invited to imagine a view of earth looking down through space, through the “deep air”. To imagine ourselves in the precarious 21st century, and consider earth’s dynamic ecology from critical vantage points.
Tanya Marcuse, a visual artist asks questions about American identity as it relates to the preserving the natural world; Peter Lamborn Wilson, poet will read from his new book, titled The River People a “philosophical tour-de-force of local history” and the event will be curated by artist and poet, Lee GoughEach.
Each will present for about 20 minutes, followed Q&A, conversation, tea and cake.
NOTE Snow date Sunday February 8, 3-5pm