Curtains for Myron, Presented by the Actors Theatre of Woodstock

Wednesday, Jun 06 2018;    Thursday, Jun 07 2018;    Friday, Jun 08 2018;    Saturday, Jun 09 2018;    Wednesday, Jun 13 2018;    Thursday, Jun 14 2018;    Friday, Jun 15 2018;    Saturday, Jun 16 2018;    Wednesday, Jun 20 2018;    Thursday, Jun 21 2018;    Friday, Jun 22 2018;    Saturday, Jun 23 2018;
8:00 PM To 10:00 PM

Bearsville Theater, 291 Tinker Street, Woodstock

Curtains for Myron centers around Myron, an aging Mafia gumbah wannabe, and Jerry, his over-the-hill gay actor brother. These polar opposites humorously litigate old wrongs and cruelly open new wounds. The day spirals out of control when a visit from Myron's hooker girlfriend and his estranged and troubled daughter expose some guarded family secrets. Hounded by the police, Myron takes matters (and a semi-automatic pistol) into his own hands. Strong language, 18+ yrs. Directed by Kevin Cutts, Curtains for Myron stars film actor Anthony Giaimo and stage veterans Susan Cella (who played Evita on Broadway), Michael Iannucci, and Tina Keyes.