Crystal Event at the Betsy Jacaruso Studio & Gallery

Sunday, Aug 02 2015;
10:00 AM To 6:00 PM

43 East Market Suite 2, Rhinebeck

Sharron Britton, aka “Rock Priestess,” will be making an appearance at Betsy Jacaruso’s Gallery! She will be bringing her collection of magnificent crystals and stones available for purchase and giving a talk about how we can receive from them the powerful energies pouring down on us during this time of shift and evolution. For the past 13 years she has been the proprietor of the High Springs Emporium in High Springs, Florida where she provides light workers, shamans, healers, beginners and collectors of rare minerals with exactly the right tools.  Her workshops and classes are designed to help us develop and learn to trust our intuition while opening up to the energy and uses of these treasures from the earth. Come meet Sharron and take the opportunity to bring home some of the most high vibration crystals you will ever meet!