BABY-GOAT & ME Glamping Retreat- All Inclusive for (2)Two People

Tuesday, May 14 2019;    Wednesday, May 15 2019;    Thursday, May 16 2019;    Tuesday, May 28 2019;    Wednesday, May 29 2019;    Thursday, May 30 2019;
4:00 PM To 11:00 AM

336 Coye Brook Road

Baby-goat & me glamping retreat - All-inclusive for two (2) people.
Two(2) nights/Two(2) + days: TUESDAY 4PM - THURSDAY 11AM
May 14-16
May 28-30
$500.00 PER PERSON (Must purchase for two people - $995.00 per couple) includes lodging, all meals, all classes and activities!

Do you remember in middle school when you had to bring home a bag of flour and take care of it for a week as a home-ec project? No? Us neither. I think they stopped doing it in the 80’s. But do you remember watching it on TV and thinking “I wish they did that at my school!” Well, problem solved….actually, dreams made BETTER.

NY Goat Yoga knows what you want. Yeah, you want to see some GOATS but really, you want to hog as much time as you can with them. We get it. It’s our M.O.

Get your butts up to Gilbertsville Farmhouse (our home) for the coolest, most fun, most indulgent, goat-yoga retreat, EVER. Here’s how it’s gonna go down:

On Tuesday, find us in the barn to pick up your baby from our flower-petaled nursery. First come first serve, so whoever gets the cutest kid, we’ll know you came with purpose.
Bond with your baby on our new-parent glider. Take professional newborn photos and receive a digital online gallery including photos from the entire retreat.
Bottle-feed your kids (these actually want to eat), cuddle them, kiss them, and take too many selfies.

After a long day of parenting, bring them back to the nursery and get your booze on with some cookies and bedtime stories in our lounge. You’re a new parent enjoying a night off, kick your feet up, drink something for goodness sake! Let your hair down!

Wednesday, goat-parenting galore. This includes more feeding, more cuddling, and more googling why your baby made that weird noise.
After some baby goat yoga, put your babies down for a nap and head up to your tents and get ready for your newborn photography sessions!
When you’re done with your photos, enjoy some down time with optional in-tent massages, some local exploration, or relaxation in the hammock park. Meet back together for a family walk through our gentle trails in the woods, singing hi-ho like the seven dwarfs off to work but instead of axes, you’ll be carrying baby goats in a baby carrier. Which is better, and less dangerous. At night, we’ll grab some dinner in the barn and watch movies under the stars and in front of a bonfire.

On Thursday have some breakfast before kissing your babies goodbye. You did it, you parented HARD. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

When you get back home remember to tell all of your friends “You’ll understand when you have kids.” so on top of being jealous of your fabulous retreat, they will find you insufferable!

Babies are over-rated. Get yourself a kid.

You will stay in one of the award-winning glamping tents at Gilbertsville Farmhouse. Each glamping tent includes one (1) kind bed, luxury linens, ceiling fan, beautiful heating stove, electricity and a beautiful, well-appointed bathhouse with lobby area, leather sofas and double fireplaces. Check out the accommodations at WWW.GILBERTSVILLEFARMHOUSE.COM.