A Talk with flower integration vibration healer Annemarie Minke

Sunday, Jan 18 2015;
2:00pm to 4:00pm


Awaken to the beauty of the resilience of the human spirit

With assistance and support from the plant kingdom understanding new ways of perceiving and acting in the world will bring a sense of freedom as we uncover our shadow side and bring it to the light of conscious awareness.

The flower vibrations hold energetic keys that open the door to your deep inner treasures waiting to be illuminated. They show a generous, humbling quality with amazing possibilities for the new times we are in.

All attendants will part with a unique collective energetic message from the plant kingdom in order to re-enter you world with renewed insight and potential.
Location: Rainbow Body Yoga, 60 Broadway Tivoli NY (in the Carpenter Shop Theater Space)
Pre-registration is preferred, and lovingly discounted! $15 pre-register, $20 at the door.
To pre-register e-mail: rainbowbodyyogastudio@gmail.com or call 518-965-5992