Sculptural Paper: Sessioin II-From Pulp to Form

Monday, Aug 06 2018;    Tuesday, Aug 07 2018;    Wednesday, Aug 08 2018;    Thursday, Aug 09 2018;    Friday, Aug 10 2018;
9:00 AM To 4:00 PM

Women's Studio Workshop, 722 Binnewater Lane, Kingston, NY 12401

Starting with basic papermaking techniques and simple construction methods, artist Fafnir Adamites will show participants how to take paper from 2D to 3D in this hands-on workshop. Materials such as wire, reed, string, and mesh will be used as armatures to support paper pulps like abaca and flax. We’ll introduce a number of casting options as well, including a “refined” papier-mâché technique and casting around found objects. This class will emphasise experimenting, understanding the inherent qualities of the materials, and strategizing how to build volume with paper. This workshop is perfect for beginners and experienced sculptors looking for new ways to express themselves in three dimensions.

All classes take place at Women’s Studio Workshop. Visit our website for more details on this and other workshops during our Summer Art Institute.