Monday, Aug 06 2018;    Tuesday, Aug 07 2018;    Wednesday, Aug 08 2018;    Thursday, Aug 09 2018;    Friday, Aug 10 2018;
9:00 AM To 4:00 PM

68 Mountain Rest Road

Ages 8–13. We will spend each morning doing visual arts projects related to different periods of art: cubism, pointillism, color field, renaissance and modernism.The visual arts portion of the day will be led by Kamalyn Stricker, an art educator who previously worked at Dutchess Arts Camp.

There will be a break for lunch at noon. Camp attendees will bring their own lunch & we will provide water.

The afternoons will be filled with dance, movement or outside games of skill (all very safe and not too strenuous because of the warm weather). Dance instructors include:
•Anna Mayta, a flamenco and fusion dancer who has traveled to India, Africa and Spain to learn dances and fuse them into a blend of many styles.
• Sinead McGeechey-Haas who teaches Irish step-dancing
• Nina Jirka who teaches contemporary ballet and has danced with the Bolshoi ballet in Russia. She now lives here in New Paltz.